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Rose Remembrance Day Orders

Delivery Date: Saturday October 5, 2019

Order roses for a loved one today and help Portage Lakes Kiwanis support the community!

For the 68th year the Portage Lakes Kiwanis Club will man their sleighs on Christmas Eve (Dec.24) for its Santa Delivery of gifts to children in the Portage Lakes area.

     It started in 1951 with a small group of men and only one sleigh, and has grown to a fleet of 15 sleighs and Santa’s with more than 150 volunteers, covering nearly all of Coventry Township and the City of New Franklin.

     To participate in the Santa Delivery, families can begin dropping off their wrapped gift packages on December 9th at the following locations:  Coventry Fire Department and New Franklin Fire Department between 8:00am and 8:00pm, Huntington Bank (Coventry), Chase Bank (Manchester), PNC Bank (Coventry), Akron Coin & Jewelry, Ayers Insurance, Elias Insurance and Innovative Auto Service during regular business hours, all drop off locations will close December 20th.  The Kiwanis Civic center will accept packages from 10am until 5pm on December 21.

     Gift packages are limited to NO BIGGER THAN A SHOE BOX.  Each drop off location will have maps, labels, rules and other information concerning delivery. Please double check your route number as some have changed.

     Sleighs will start out from the Kiwanis Civic Center at 5 p.m. on Christmas Eve, Monday Dec. 24th.  Loud speakers on the sleighs will announce their arrival to streets along the routes.  Parents should have their children dressed and ready to greet Santa.  Outside lights at the home should be on to make each stop easy to find.

     Participating parents with physically challenged children who are not able to meet Santa on his sleigh outside their homes are asked to call 330-644-8967 to make arrangements so these kids will not be missed.

     Families outside the delivery area can see Santa at 5:45 pm at the Chase Bank, 5638 Manchester Rd in New Franklin.

     The Santa Delivery tradition is made possible through the continued support of Kiwanis Rose Day.